Executive Search
The key to a successful search completion is a successful initiation in the search. We are firm specializing in leadership assessment, succession planning, and executive onboarding. We achieve the milestones early in the search life cycle and lay a solid foundation and hence ensure effective and targeted recruiting. This thorough process ensures a strong slate of results for every assignment undertaken. Thus we intend to target the next generation recruitment market.
Board Advisory Services
Consulting Services
Currently, the challenges that business face is a grapple between "Running the Business" & "Developing the Business". Understanding the imperatives, Schatz helps in shifting the business from a traditional approach to an innovative designed approach and it achieves through swift and efficient implementation. These vital enablers which are Knowledge, Design, and Collaboration help firms in accelerating the decision making through a selective approach. Our creative methods from different disciplines using different paradigms encourage the business to function better.
HR Advisory
Talent is one of the single most key factors to ensure you run your enterprise well and meet your business goals in today’s environment. At Schatz consulting we critically evaluate your Human resources function and facilitate a strategic and business level insight and intervention to make sure there is suitable alignment between the two.
Coaching & Mentoring
Through mentoring and coaching we enable both individual and corporate clients to achieve their full potential. We use techniques to facilitate the client's own thought processes in order to identify solutions and actions than directing an approach. This may include one to one training facility, counseling and networking. This will encourage clients to continually improve competencies and develop alliances to reach their goal. This will also encourage a commitment to action and development for a long lasting personal growth and change.